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  1. The Weekend that Shook the World
  2. Swans lose Kurt Tippett and Callum Mills for AFL semi-final against Adelaide
  3. ‘Yellow vest’ anniversary: What happened to the movement that shook France?
  4. The Weekend that Shook the World - Camp Caribou

Shortly before Zarif's arrival Trump denied he'd backed Macron to negotiate with Iran on behalf of the G7, with Trump's aides saying Zarif's visit was a "curveball. Macron sparks confusion after inviting Iran's foreign minister to G7 summit. By early Monday, Trump was reversing course and playing along with Macron's secretive diplomacy. He said he not only knew Zarif was coming, he authorized Macron to invite him. I said if you want to do that, that's OK. I don't consider that disrespectful at all, especially when he asked me for approval".

Yet side by side with Trump at a joint press conference, Macron deftly disputed Trump's account of events, saying he did it for France, not the G7.

If Trump blanched it wasn't noticeable. Macron got what he's wanted for months, inching the US President closer to a climb-down on tensions with Iran, announcing that "at one moment or another there must be a meeting between the President of Iran and the President of the United States. Trump gave conditional assent, saying, "If the circumstances were correct or right I would certainly agree to that," and adding, "In the meantime they have to be good players.

Trump finds 'unity' after stoking confusion at G7. Trump spent the weekend re-inventing his international image, laying on spin and half-truths in equal measure. Not the sour odd man out he was at the Quebec G7, but a genial team player, Trump said there had been "no arguments," that "we are all getting along great" and there has been "a lot of unity.

It was not clear if any of the leaders were really buying his bonhomie, although German Chancellor Angela Merkel did manage a smile or two with Trump, much better than their past frosty encounters, not least at last year's G7.

The Weekend that Shook the World

Yet by Trump's account plans for a de-escalation are advanced to the point of how he is willing to get Iran to the table. No, we're not paying. We don't pay.

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But they may need some money to get them over a very rough patch," he said. Argentinian upper classes initially looked down on tango as it came from poor areas Photo by Getty.

Swans lose Kurt Tippett and Callum Mills for AFL semi-final against Adelaide

Hidden History Travel — Advertisement. General Modern. The Crystal Palace was constructed of iron and glass — so how and why did it burn down? Try our range of BBC bestselling history magazines today!

‘Yellow vest’ anniversary: What happened to the movement that shook France?

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  6. You may like. As the siren sounded and Smith lined up to kick Hawthorn into another preliminary final, the mood on streets throughout Australia was as black as night and surging.

    However, celebrating the potential fall of the Hawthorn empire is like the satiety borne from MSG-laden, food court Chinese — felt keenly, but not for long. Watching GWS dismantle Sydney, the hitherto premiership favourites, by six goals the very next day was capable of tingeing any thrill with nausea. This was not a football fever dream.

    The Weekend that Shook the World - Camp Caribou

    The power shift was as profoundly felt as a Shane Mumford tackle. In September, a footballer may have to find out who he is more times in a single afternoon than most do during the entire season. It is hard to think of a single young Giant who came out of that game without having developed a hardened finals carapace. They met every challenge the Swans threw at them in the first half — and plenty of those were physical in what was a ferocious, bruising afternoon.


    In they have made the not insignificant leap from likeable and charmingly good, to feared and predictably good. Waiting for them will be the second-best Cinderella-story of the season, Adelaide, who broke an already hobbled North Melbourne with a goal second-half. If they win this Friday night — and that is some if when attached to an angry, rebounding Hawthorn — the Bulldogs will meet the Giants in the preliminary final.